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Dec 2, 2012 11:00pm PST
... education, care and support. ♪ and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. suspected smuggling near the channel islands off the sana barbara county coast has tud tragic. a small boat deployed by the coast guard was rammed by a smuggler's vessel before dan today. the collision threw two coas he >>> a coast guard investigation turns tragic. the collision through two members into the water. one of them was killed and another was injured in the incident. >>> los angeles police say four people have been found shot to death. their bodies facedown. outside of a large home in north ridge. the home apparently served as an unlicensed boardinghouse. the detectives are looking into a motive. >>> highway winds are a major concern as the crews try to contain a wildfire
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1